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Writer who likes to read and watch TV


  • Sarah Campbell

    Sarah Campbell

    Explorer of humour, humanity & advertising. Community manager for the only car company with swag...if u don't know who that is u don't deserve to drive it!

  • Roxanna Bennett

    Roxanna Bennett

    Feminist atheist nerd. I cuss a lot. My first book of poems 'The Uncertainty Principle' forthcoming 2014 from Tightrope Books

  • Jacob Morris

    Jacob Morris

    I laugh a lot & make things. Photo / digital video / management / marketing

  • Andrew Everett

    Andrew Everett

    searching for the right words

  • Lynn Coady

    Lynn Coady

    Profaner; carpal tunnelist; writer of The Antagonist, a novel, and Hellgoing, some stories.

  • Drew Spangler aka Orlando Laser Lipo Services

    Drew Spangler aka Orlando Laser Lipo Services

    Spa Owner, Writer. My husband Michael and my kids have four legs with fur some people call them cats. Twitter @OrlandoLipoServ

  • Yael Thibus

    Yael Thibus

  • Daniel Roncaglia

    Daniel Roncaglia

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